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Marian Saunders

MA Moving Image and Sound

The relationship between sound and image is at the heart of my work. This unique synergy creates rhythm, shape, pattern, movement and sensation which transcend the boundaries of what we see and hear.

Drawing inspiration from pioneering ‘visual music’ exponents Hans Richter, Oskar Fischinger and Norman Mclaren, it is the simple joy of movement to sound which underpins my work.

My abstract, visual representations of a sonic moment began a natural progression towards finding a contemporary audience through live audio/visual performance. The power of visualising sound is fully realised by creating unique experiences which go beyond the screen and gallery walls.

I have experimented extensively with different techniques using a variety of media to create my own source material which I transform in reaction to sound. Like early sound and video artists, I embrace new technology to develop my contemporary aesthetic.

It is through collaboration where I have discovered the interplay between two performers, as in dance. Improvisation has introduced spontaneity, an instant reaction, unedited, capturing a moment in time, the need for perfection relinquished.

My evolution from experimental film to live performance has just begun. I have uncovered potential for an exciting, innovative, creative future.

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