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Leo White

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“Beauty can be coaxed out of ugliness.” (Koren, 1994) is not some callous statement that suggests I am making light of something that is destructive. My research has led me to respect something so small but utterly devastating.

My exploration stems from what I feel is a need to find a way to lift some of the stigma that surrounds cancer and how the presentation of my findings can affect the viewer. Cancer needs to be understood – to be talked about. My practice intended to stimulate debate, curiosity and a desire to discover more.

The presentation style I have used reflects the nature of what cancer is. It is everywhere, it is bold: it is sublime. The work you can see is garish, it is again, bold and, as in life, you cannot get away from the reality of cancer.

The concept of the ‘sublime’ has played a major part throughout my entire practice. It has been a realisation of what power the sublime holds not only within art, but everyday life. “…The sublime confronts us with that which exceeds our very understanding.” (Mul, J, 2017)

This is cancer.

Leo White work at the NUA MA Degree Show 2017
Leo White work at the NUA MA Degree Show 2017
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