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Leo Baldwin-Ramult

MA Moving Image and Sound

Reverie is the starting point for my work in moving image and sound. Using an experimental methodology developed from, and reflecting, the unintentional and disjunctive material of reveries, it might be considered a form of psychoanalytic investigation or sequence of pathological drifts.

Unsurprisingly, surrealist perspectives inform my research. These are evident in the elective affinities that form partial, intuitive dialogues with literature, philosophy and psychology. Rejecting linear development, concepts proliferate as non sequiturs, creating a rhizomatic labyrinth of ideas where different trains of thought ‘jump ship’ and attach themselves elsewhere. Analogous to the process of research, images and sounds in reverie produce disrupted narrative impressions from a database of fragments.

This approach, where visual and acoustic motifs from reveries collide with disparate influences, has given rise to an oblique miscellanea of references including: animal architecture, disused railway systems and subterranean networks of tunnels, the drawings of Martín Ramírez and fragments of texts by Maurice Blanchot. In order to faithfully transpose elusive moments of intellectual uncertainty, I have resisted any closure or finality of thought. I believe this resistance can engender the experience of an opening, an interruption, which is potentially both unsettling and paradoxically epiphanic.


MA Catalogue imagery by Amy Ollett at Norwich University of the Arts

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