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Kirstie Aylen

MA Fine Art

From a starting point that there is a sacred formula often placed on femininity, my research attempts to find ways in which this can be broken, deconstructed and recreated. Jung’s The Good Mother and The Terrible Mother are often referenced. By researching the ways that feminine archetypes are reflected through literature and folklore, I examine how their place in contemporary society might be altered in order to empower change, equality and honest reflection. Using phenomenological research methods and studying other creators such as Lorina Bulwer that disrupt Archetype of The Good Mother, I have questioned the portrayal of female narratives through a means often associated with this gender. Researching artists such as Tracey Emin and Ann Hamilton has encouraged me to question what happens when women embrace these characters and use them for their own purposes. This has enabled me to understand the two different sides of these gendered, performed, representations.To make visible this combination, I use the medium of performance to bond the destructive and penetrative force of sewing against the effeminate and romanticised woman. With this the Good Mother and the Terrible Mother are merged into one, creating Jung’s Great Mother.

Kirstie Aylen work at the NUA MA Degree Show 2017
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