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Joskaudė Pakalkaitė

MA Communication Design

My current research is informed through a self initiated project ‘Bonding Good: an investigation about the nostalgia of technology’. I believe that communication design is a broad based and multi disciplinary subject that can occupy many fields. In my work, this takes the form of visual art therapy and embraces ideas of anti-advertising. The work is designed to prompt positive outlooks within the audience. I believe that by looking back, memories can help us to move forward. As a graphic designer and illustrator I explore freehand typography and drawing. My practice builds on the work of illustrator Yoko Honda, artist Tati Compton and freehand typography contemporaries, Timothy Goodman, Adam J.Kurtz, Kate Moross, Jessica Walsh and James Victore. Through experimentation with colour palettes within nostalgia influenced web subcultures (such as vaporwave, simpsonwave, seapunk) and yearly mainstream design colour trends, my practice focuses on memories about redundant technological gadgets and illustrating them to act as subliminal visual triggers. It explores my fascination about the importance of shared memories that can progress the potential of develop new and alternative narratives that induce feelings of nostalgia.

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