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Jasmine Robinson

MA Communication Design

My research is focused on how design thinking techniques can address inequality in society. Technological and digital solutions are often lauded for making our lives more convenient, but these same solutions can exclude segments of society, or are not designed to be representative of the diversity of society as a whole. For example, at a recent developers’ “Meetup” about the potential applications for chatbots, all of the prototypes presented had female personas and were used to carry out menial secretarial tasks. Gender inequality has literally been designed into these supposed “solutions”.

Design thinking is an iterative process, incorporating techniques derived from ethnographic, action, and quantitative research to develop user-centred solutions for business, public policy, and technology. My practice is largely conceptual, developing theoretical and practical proposals for behaviour-change solutions in two key areas. Firstly, combating digital exclusion through a program that pays long-term unemployed people to improve their digital skills. Secondly, exploring the design inequality of car-centric UK cities, which is at odds with policy shift towards active transport (walking and cycling), by proposing anarchist-informed feminist theory as a solution to empower female cyclists while making motorists more aware of the vulnerability of cyclists on the roads.

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Jasmine Robinson work called Les Mistonnes at the NUA MA Degree Show 2017

– Les Mistonnes

Jasmine Robinson work called Do what you like at the NUA MA Degree Show 2017

– Do What You Like, Ride a Bike

Jasmine Robinson work called Project Ux at the NUA MA Degree Show 2017

– Project UX

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