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James Ward

MA Communication Design

As a graphic designer with a strong interest in digital media, my current research is focused on a  self-authored project called ’51 Grids’, which investigates the functionality and potential of grids to create alternative structural possibilities within a contemporary design practice. I believe that grids provide the fundamental basis of design, especially within the era of print and new media. My practice concentrates on historical ideas concerning grids which give focus to space, tension and formatting, methods originally explored by Ben Jura, Amy Graver and Josef Muller-Brockmann. Other influential artists that inform my practice include the compositions of Piet Mondrian and the constructed artworks of Donald Judd.

Quantitative research provides a visual direction to my investigation, exploring the visual aesthetics and functionality of contemporary structures. The work presented within my research explores alternative and flexible visual narratives through the application of multiple frameworks, including the development of my own typeface design based on a strict grid-like structure. In deconstructing a conformist approach to design and working with multiple grid perspectives, the development of alternative design approaches enable a compelling new direction for the application of these structures in contemporary design.

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