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Elizabeth Monahan

MA Fine Art

My research involves an exploration into my own drawing processes and how I use this activity to try and express actual experience. I am interested in how we are connected emotionally, physically and intellectually to each other and to the world around us, and my drawing research is an attempt to find a substantial form for this connectivity, a way of making images that speak of the ambiguous nature of intimacy, emotion and our place in the world. Merleau-Ponty’s philosophical notion of reversibility is, I think, bound up with this connectivity, the idea that we are simultaneously ‘the see-er and the visible’ within our surroundings, resulting in ‘the undividedness of the sensing and the sensed’. These thoughts strongly inform my practice.

That lived experience can somehow be communicated through marks drawn on a 2D surface is a difficult process to pin down; but like Dennis Creffield, I view the act of drawing as ‘a total response’ to the subject being drawn, a ‘perception in which eye, mind, body and imagination are all one at the same time together’, and the hope is always that something of my ‘perception’ will be felt by others.

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Elizabeth Monahan work called Blue at the NUA MA Degree Show 2017

– Blue

Elizabeth Monahan work called And I her Son at the NUA MA Degree Show 2017

– And I her Son

Elizabeth Monahan work called Only keep quite still and wait at the NUA MA Degree Show 2017

– Only keep quite still and wait

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