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Dean Read

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My research has focused on how my role as a 3D artist working with environments coincides alongside other game-based practices. This led to a collaborative project developing a prototype for a small game designed to test the processes involved in publishing and establishing ourselves as an independent games studio.

My role in this research project was to produce an interesting, living world: one where I could explore a more stylistic approach to reproducing historical buildings and artefacts. The game’s theme draws on Japanese spiritualism and folklore and is set during the Edo period when the architecture includes many interesting shapes, encapsulating the essence of spiritualism and wonder. References were also drawn from classical paintings.

Much of my research involved testing technical processes in order to develop an effective composition within a 3D space. My environment had to be analysed from key focal points and considerable time went into creating animated surface materials and weather and lighting effects to give the impression of a living world. The environment needed boundaries to keep the playable area concise and refined. This involved planning players’ routes around the environment, considering the placement of other characters and the different sense of scale experienced by players.

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Dean Read work called Japanese Shrine at the NUA MA Degree Show 2017

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Dean Read work called ------- at the NUA MA Degree Show 2017

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Dean Read work called German Prosthetic at the NUA MA Degree Show 2017

– German Prosthetic

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