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Danyelle Farrell

MA Photography


My research is about losing my identity as a result of social mobility and finding it again through shared experiences with my daughter and reconnecting with my childhood environments.

The resulting work is a hybrid of both social documentary and fine art photography. A combination of actuality and imagination, the work attempts to challenge negative attitudes towards the working class and recognise the important role they play in providing for society.

investigating the work of traditional and contemporary photographers such as Jeff Wall and John Bulmer, the images look to use the “personal to connect with the universal”. You are the universal.

My daughter represents an 11-year-old me. The constructed environments represent important spaces I associate with my working class childhood. They are alien surroundings to my middle class daughter.

The title, ITHACA, references Homer’s Odyssey, in which the main character embarks on an epic journey home to Ithaca. This journey is fraught with challenges and self-doubt. Like Odysseus, I too left home to fight a war and returned. My photography uses these experiences to document my eventual homecoming and the reconnection I feel after a challenging period in my life.

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