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Ben Rhodes

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My research as an Environment Artist has centered on plants as living organisms in order to create a diorama of a hypothetical exo-planet. On Earth green plants are the power houses which convert the sun’s rays and elementary molecules into structures which are the basis of all energy. Over billions of years these have evolved in tandem with the changing chemical composition of the planet into the myriad forms we see today.

In areas of the world where requirements are in limited supply, water in deserts or nitrogen in wetlands, the forms of fantastical cacti and insect eating pitcher plants have formed the basis for my imaginings of weird and outrageous vegetation on an alien planet. I have been investigating what is known about star systems millions of light years from Earth, mixed with hypothetical worlds of the mind, substituting rare gases and compounds for oxygen and water, to produce foliage which lives, breathes and moves.

My visual work has been fed by my research and the result is a kaleidoscope of colour and form to produce a real time 3D diorama in Unreal Engine 4 to imagine what plant life would look like beyond Earth.

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