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Annabel Smith

MA Curation

My focus as a curator is upon socially engaged art. I believe that art can help people understand issues associated with gender, race, culture, and nationality. My practice aims to create bridges between communities by supporting artists whose perspectives are missing from mainstream media and art spaces. My exhibition “Bridges” features the work of two artists: Marcia X and Karis Upton. Marcia X describes her practice as “multidisciplinary, with themes dealing with feminism, politics, and the diaspora experience”. Karis Upton describes herself as “a self taught painter and multi-disciplinary artist. Her work is emotive and symbolic; using the figure to explore philosophical concepts of identity, body politics, interpersonal relationships, and modern re-readings of mythology”.  My exhibition will explore topics such as the experience of those in the diaspora, feminism, and the ongoing effects of colonialism on contemporary society. The exhibition will feature the video work and an installation by Marcia, and paintings and sculptures by Karis. The opening night will feature a panel discussion that will be filmed. The discussion, invigilated by myself, will explore the artists’ practice, inspirations, and of course the messages their work expresses. The exhibition opens August 2nd 2017 at Space Studios Norwich.

MA Catalogue imagery by Amy Ollett at Norwich University of the Arts

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