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Wadha Alsudairy

MA Photography

Oriental myth

As a Saudi woman I have a natural interest in my Middle Eastern background. As a researcher I investigate the way in which Arabic women are viewed from a Western perspective as oppressed and mysterious in order to investigate how the misrepresentation of Middle Eastern women in Western society has affected Arab women and led many of them to believe in this fictional image of the Orient.


I use feminist standpoint theory to develop an understanding of Orientalism in Western photographic representation and the effect this has on Middle Eastern fashion today.

Middle Eastern artists such as Shirin Neshat and Manal Al-Dowayan who have portrayed the position of Middle Eastern women are key influences. However, I offer a wider perspective, and consider the international position of Arab women by merging the myth of the Orient with reality.

Through my work I present an imaginative image of the Orient, adopted from factual literature and artwork of 18th Century Orientalists, and communicate this by capturing movement in order to exaggerate the mystery of the Orient. 

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Work by Wadha Alsudairy

Work by Wadha Alsudairy


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