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Stevie Burridge

MA Fine Art

Something always becomes something else.


Fundamental to my research is Antoine Lavoisier’s Conservation of Mass principle whereby ‘the mass of an object or collection of objects never changes, no matter how the constituent parts rearrange themselves.’ (Britannica, 2016)


Although time has moved on, we need to consider how our thinking has changed since this discovery in relation to how, as humans, we understand our relationship to matter and our impermanent condition.


The Conservation of Mass principle is a vehicle for my philosophical questioning directed at understanding the materiality of the world and our own materiality within it. It states that mass and energy do not disappear. So what happens to the mass of forms made of matter and what happens to us?


Working within this conceptual framework of a simple law of physics whereby every form is born from the remains of a previous destruction, I have visualised a process of creation and anti-creation that is metaphorically close to our own existence. Through this we can better understand our own transformative cycle.

Work by Steven Burridge

Work by Steven Burridge

Work by Steven Burridge


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