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Steven Eyles

MA Moving Image and Sound

To The Moon and Back follows the journey of Samson as he embarks on a quest to achieve moon travel as a gesture of his love for school crush Phoebe. Adopting innovative approaches to inventing and making, Samson persists through the failure of unrealistic ideas, but in turn, subconsciously redirects his sole attention obsessively towards the moon.


My research focus has been to execute multiple industry job roles, further informing viewers about overlooked pre-production attributes of animation within an accompanying publication. Taking on the full responsibility of the film required further self-tutoring and technical research through online tutorials to progress each specialist aspect successfully. Research into animation companies, such as Pixar and Aardman, has been important in developing an understanding of how to convey a message to family audiences.


A recurring theme within my animated work and research is the persistence of failure. The constant drive to achieve end goals resonates with my own methodologies of practice and this is evident within To The Moon and Back, where characters experience the effects of the digital age and the isolation we create through excessive exposure to technology.

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Work by Steven Eyles

Work by Steven Eyles

Work by Steven Eyles


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