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Nicola Hockley

MA Textile Design

My practice centres on an exploration of pattern in public and private spaces, using traditional, craft based weaving techniques. As a designer, I am particularly interested in two aspects of pattern: pattern as a language through which knowledge is articulated and pattern as a narrative or medium of story telling.1

This research project aims to consider alternative and innovative ways in which woven textiles could operate within public spaces. Pattern, and in particular woven pattern, has the ability to challenge conventions and expectations and is often perceived as disruptive, within this context. This work is concerned with ways in which textiles have the potential to “evoke the human” 2 through a considered use of surface texture.

My intent was to create a body of work that could be situated within a public space and where collaboration could form part of the creative process. This work is a response to the renovation and restoration project at Diss Corn Hall and was achieved through a dialogue with Hudson Architects, (Norwich).

1 Victoria Mitchell (2015) ‘Shape–shifting’
2 Kosloff, Max. (1967) ‘The poetics of Softness’ assisted by Victoria Mitchell (2006) “Clothing the Grid: Alterations and Alternations” P26

Work by Nicola Hockley

Work by Nicola Hockley


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