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Nathan Russell

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My work is driven by the constant desire to create realistic and aesthetically pleasing digital environments in games, through experimentation, case studies, and practical & qualitative primary research. I have explored the methods used by the games industry to simulate conceivable objects in a digital world. Observing works of the like of Yaron Levi, the primary focus of my work for this year has heavily revolved around producing an industry level 3D game asset, while simultaneously exploring advanced software that form new methods in producing such objects. My latest works seeks to push the understanding of what is not only achievable with today’s technology, but how it can be applied in an efficient manner for suitable use with the publicly available current generation of graphic processing unit capabilities.

The 3D asset created during this Masters Project is that of a Heavily Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck, a military vehicle that is commonplace in this generation of war technology. A high detailed model has been used to project surface information onto a lower detailed model, thus improving efficiency, while the textures created using a physically based rendering software, that uses advanced computing, to produce a more conceivable asset.

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Work by Nathan Russell

Work by Nathan Russell

Work by Nathan Russell


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