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Lucia Segura

MA Communication Design

Throughout the centuries we have created symbols to explain the world around us. When it comes to the world of occultism, the esoteric and the spiritual, we devise a system of symbols and tools that communicate with the unknown, with what it is hidden. These methods of communication have been handed down from past societies, which are mostly very different to our current society.

My research explores the spiritual world and brings it to a current society that has become disengaged with all things spiritual. My aim is to break down the mystery behind these symbols and demonstrate that it is not about superstition nor magical energies. By using the clean modern design used by many contemporary designers like Jim Sutherland, Paula Scher and Michael Beirut, I want to put forward new ways to understand the spiritual communication of the occult world and demonstrate that it still has a place in modern society.

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Work by Lucia Segura

Work by Lucia Segura

Work by Lucia Segura


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