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Julie Bolus

MA Communication Design

In the 19th century reportage illustration was in great demand for documenting the world before being superseded by lens-based technology. Despite this, illustration continues to be valued as a way of providing visual documentary especially in a digital age with the exposure to social media. My research is positioned within the tradition of reportage illustration and focuses on revealing hidden narratives in the local environment, particularly people and places that are often overlooked, vulnerable or at risk of disappearing. My methodology is rooted in anthropology exploring, collecting and recording moments of time to tell a story. Drawing in-situ is fundamental to this as it enables me to respond directly, not only to sights but also to sounds, emotions and the particular ambience that make up a place. I use sharp observations and quick reactions, in order to capture the scene unfolding before me. The immediacy of doing this heightens the spontaneity of the mark making and transfers the energy and emotion that I am feeling onto the paper. The outcome of my research is collated into suitable formats specific to the location, and intends to record and promote heritage in a fast paced technological society.

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Work by Julie Bolus

Work by Julie Bolus

Work by Julie Bolus


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