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Henry Driver

MA Fine Art

Throughout our daily lives we are continuously confronted with and communicating through imagery. Be it through media or via interaction with social media, there is an intense saturation. However, we exist in a time where a computer generated image can be indistinguishable from a photograph, and an image can be realistically edited and morphed into anything. Dartmouth College’s (2016) recent findings, found that 40% of the time the public were unable to differentiate between CGI and photography. This is demonstrated to us within the media, where we are presented with heavily edited and altered images of celebrities, more digital then real, yet indistinguishable from unedited images. This constant blurring of reality and simulation forms the foundation of current research, with the works & writings of Lev Manovich, Peter Lunenfeld and Harun Farocki informing my thinking.

My specific interest is how this affects the depiction of ourselves and the body. With the ability to simulate or edit an image to a digital alternative perfection, how much does the truth matter anymore and what alternative digital realities can arise?

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Work by Henry Driver


Work by Henry Driver



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