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Georgina Ridgley

MA Textile Design

My research brings together three of my most inherent interests, psychology, philosophy and surface pattern. I use surface pattern as a vessel to accommodate and facilitate the phenomena behind creation in a bid to gain a greater understanding of the enigmas of creativity.


Drawing on phenomenology, the science of lived experience as explained by Husserl and Heidegger, I distilled my interest in creativity to the phenomena of ‘Play’. Documenting the subjective experience of play provides the backbone of my works. This does not set out to explain, prove or educate, but is purely descriptive and experiential: expression in its rawest form.


There is an ambiguity to my work as it juggles both the visceral and external worlds. This can be expected due to its philosophical roots and the notion of dualism. My work acts as a mediator, or translator, as it interprets phenomena and brings it into the tangible world, in this case it is the visualisation of play. Now the world can experience the phenomena too, of course in their own subjective way, as phenomenology would suggest.


Phenomena lives on.

Work by Georgina Ridgley

Work by Georgina Ridgley

Work by Georgina Ridgley


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