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Edwina Hughes

MA Textile Design

My Masters Project has witnessed a narrative that has developed with the material I extract for natural dyes and the place where that material grows. My research which is supported by a bursary from the Society of Dyers and Colourists, to reduce the amount of chemicals in the dyeing process looked at the scientific process and the potential of trees and plants to produce substantive dyes. Sustainability is an important consideration in all aspects of my practice. The area around Kings Forest in Suffolk where I record the signs and seasonal changes has a rich history and this sense of the past has been important in my relationship and the semiology of the place. The rows of pine trees that prevent the strong winds from eroding the soil, the stubble from last year’s crops broken by the tracks of tractors inspire my design development. I have modified colours and used traditional techniques to translate these images onto silk, wool and cotton fabrics including scarves and hangings. My fascination with the extraction of colour from natural sources and the historical evidence of natural dyes, continues to motivate me and I look forward to sharing this knowledge with others in my booklet and as a presentation.

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