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Christine Campbell

MA Moving Image and Sound

I am a filmmaker who specialises in traditional 2D animation which, in this current climate, has been stereotypically labelled as ‘made for children.’ I am inspired by the works of Studio Ghibli and the T.V. series ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ for their beautiful aesthetics and incorporating adult and worldly issues within their narratives in ways that are entertaining for children and adults alike.
My research has been motivated by the idea of creating an animated film for a family audience that covers the Irish myth ‘Selkies’ and the issue of marine littering in a entertaining and educational way. I have also been exploring the concept of whether it is possible to make the film as a product for charity, in that a percentage of the profits from merchandise are donated.
The initial stages of research made it evidently clear that the key to selling my film is the character design. I have since focused my research on the fantasy element, examining how this has been used by politics and religion to encourage certain behaviours and mind-sets as well as envisioning the potential for change, which will hopefully reflect onto real life.

Work by Christine Campbell

– Underwater Fionn

Work by Christine Campbell

– Mother and Pup

Work by Christine Campbell

– Selkie


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