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Chrissy Leech

MA Fine Art

My research has centred on the concept of liminality; a point of transition, a threshold of change. This has led to my investigation of existentialism and the idea of the need to be open to potential and new ideas and not be oppressed by tradition and the status quo.

In the period after the Second World War existentialism offered people the means to reject convention and change their lives. It then became unfashionable by the ‘80s possibly because the liberation movements of the 50s and 60s had achieved so much in civil rights, decolonisation, women’s equality and gay rights.

For the Masters project I am using contemporary sculpture to bring this notion of freedom back into the spotlight once again. In the 21st Century we find ourselves controlled to a shocking degree, farmed for our personal data, fed consumer goods and manipulated by the media. People have become familiar to their habits and to mass-media, forgetting to stop and think long enough to question what is going on, resist intimidation and the general tendency towards auto-pilot. These are the factors that Sartre and Heidegger believed we could and should change.

Fundamentally – my current work is to underline that we all have freedom and choice and that we should exercise this in order to add value to the quality of every-day life.

Christine Leech work

Christine Leech work

Christine Leech work


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