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Bernardo Vicente Godinho

MA Games

As a 3D environment artist exploring and understanding the context of video games in contemporary culture,  I create visually compelling environments that help develop interactive narratives, which in turn, offer players unique experiences.


Video games are a crucial medium for interactive entertainment and I look for ways to explore possibilities within contemporary practice. Video games enable me to create and explore new worlds and create unique experiences within a player’s interaction. My research shows that games have the potential to progress storytelling and offer new and unique user-experiences.


My practice focuses on the players’ role, understanding their interactions and choices, and how that shapes their experience. I do not approach game design through giving the player a ‘white canvas’, but prefer to provide  a metaphorical colouring book which they are free to colour in within the borders. It is a controlled freedom which helps guide the player, develop narrative and create meaning.


An interactive medium, video games have untapped potential and as an artist I am pushing the boundaries of creativity and storytelling to offer players deep and rich virtual experiences.

Work by Bernardo Godinho

Work by Bernardo Godinho

Work by Bernardo Godinho


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