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Ben Taub

MA Communication Design

I’m passionate about design that creates positive change in the world – regardless of discipline.

The late designer Victor Papanek was a great advocate of design with reason. But in a society where you can buy jars of Shoreditch air, how can design with a cause compel a consumer driven public?

My research examines purpose beyond the commercial in the world of consumer branding. I explore social and humanitarian concerns that affect the world today, and question whether those concerns can become driving forces for brands, rather than add-ons or afterthoughts.

This prompts investigation of the boundaries between consumer and charitable branding – how charitable can a brand be before it is defined as a charity? How can a charity generate revenue in a transparent and ethical manner?

I ask these questions because we live in a time of unease – a time of domestic terrorism, of gender inequality, of mass migration and political unrest.

It is my belief that design can do more than sell air from Shoreditch.

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