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April Steele

MA Fine Art

As an artist, my work represents a symbolic exploration of the psychological, political and anthropological aspect of human behaviours as seen within impoverished communities in the United States. With phenomenological and ethnographic methods, I am able to impartially depict my subject matter and to transform political discourse into aesthetics with an emphasis on the process of investigation rather than the end result. In my personal creation of art, I draw from American Art History, current political dialogue and Pop references, to develop a unique and personal ideological perspective. These narratives, created through drawing and painting, allow my art to act as a medium for progressive discussions.  Through research and personal experiences with the communities that I study, I have concluded that the very essence of governments serve to release primitive forces in human beings.  I see and therefore, understand, how others may live as an effect of perpetuated greed, gluttony, corruption, jealousy and hate.

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Work by April Steele

– Grandma and Baby

Work by April Steele

– Walmart Parking Lot

Work by April Steele

– Guys Infront of Church


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