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Andrea Girling

MA Fine Art

I find the increasing pace of technology creates a frenetic lifestyle and it is my desire to make sense of this ever changing world.

In the digital age there are anxieties and concerns relating to the encroachment of technology and its impact on social change. I am interested in the parallels between what we are experiencing now, with the Romantic period of the 18th to mid 19th century when society was going through similar changes in relation to technology. What does it mean to live an ‘authentic’ life in a world where humans are being replaced by machines, e.g. at supermarket checkouts or manufacturing where they use robotics? Does technology and the sense of the unknown obscure our being in this world as Martin Heidegger and Edmund Burke theorised?

My research is a process-led (thinking through making) enquiry into the relationships and dualities of the fast and slow, machine and handmade, digital and analogue. I am particularly interested in exploring these dualities by pushing the boundaries of drawing through experimentation and utilisation of both traditional and technological mediums.

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Andrea Girling work


Andrea Girling work


Andrea Girling work



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