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Amy Parish

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My research explores the potential of video games to aid social and cognitive development and to enrich emotional wellbeing. My primary points of influence and research have come from constructivist theorist Jean Piaget’s idea of learning through interaction and Mihaly Csikszentmihaly’s theory of flow and the satisfaction that can come from being involved in a task requiring skill.

Applying these theories to the world of games, I aim to push the boundaries of how games are seen and how they can be successfully applied to other areas, such as education and development as well as the treatment and management of mental health conditions.

For the MA Project I have focussed my research on the potential for games to relieve feelings of anxiety and to allow the player to begin to manage their emotional wellbeing. My research focuses on combining gameplay elements and game theory with techniques such as yogic breathing and meditation, by doing this players can enjoy the fun and sense of fulfilment which comes from playing whilst learning and accessing skills which can help manage their anxiety.

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Amy Parish work

Amy Parish work


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