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Vasileios ‘Bilos’ Manthopoulos

MA Communication Design

My work focuses on life in the urban environment and the way people interact with their surroundings. I am interested in the juxtaposition between the manmade and the natural, the various forms of information displayed in the streets and the visual repetition as a link between time, place and memory. Urban traces and evidence of existence are documented, analysed and re-composed to form a new narrative that praises the ordinary.

Influenced by my background in graffiti and its aesthetics, I reproduce the collected evidence by using permanent markers – similar to the act of capturing a moment by taking a photograph. Impressions of actions, memories and thoughts are also filtered through my eyes and expressed with outlines, patterns and textures that compose a surreal and naïve visual language. Theoretical contexts for my research include studies by Gehl, Sennett and Crosby on urban planning, architecture and environmental psychology. Other influences are photographers Martin Parr, Zoe Leonard and Jeff Mermelstein who focus on the everyday scenes of the city, and illustrators Quino, Mattias Adolfsson and Finsta for their clean outlines, rich messages and attention to detail.

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– Norwich 3

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– Harmony

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– All Is Flux/ Red & Blue


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