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Simone Peters

MA Communication Design

Of Vixens, Bunnies & Kittens

A Visual Investigation into Gender and Identity

My current research examines gender, identity and otherness from a personal perspective, using female stereotypes and animals as metaphor. Through the medium of collage, I visualise messages, statements, metaphors, theses and antitheses on this subject, drawing on historical and contemporary influences from Dada Collage to collage artist Linder Sterling. Sampling and mixing have become part of our everyday culture and seeing new content unfolding through familiar images is, for me, an interesting notion of collage.

The attraction here is how female artists challenge our cultural memory via surprising juxtapositions, attempting to replicate a troubling and often irrational effect in order to criticize existing conditions and raise questions. What do we know? From where do we know it? My design interest is to form narratives and build stories out of various images, coming together seeking to understand the human condition from a female perspective. By using familiar imagery ad absurdum while simultaneously investigating the idea of bathos, which is an abrupt transition in style from the exalted to the commonplace, I hope that design can not only challenge existing conditions but also ask whether we can bring about change.

Bubblegum Kitty3 copy 1010

– Kitty

laundrette bunny kitchen 1010

– Bunny

Vixen in Human Skin

– Vixen


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