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Sara Alfaraj

MA Communication Design

My research is born out of a personal struggle to identify with my Islamic faith whilst being heavily exposed to Western culture and society. As a Muslim woman of both Middle Eastern and British descent, I feel I have an obligation and a right to offer my perspective on the complexities surrounding representations of present day Islam. This project attempts to answer the question: “What does it mean to be a contemporary Muslim?”

With the emergence of Islamic “representatives” in the West, misrepresentations of Islam in the media, and the presentation of Islam as a monoculture, my work challenges resulting stereotypes and celebrates the rich heritage and diversity of Muslim culture whilst considering issues of compromise, adjustment, and hybridity that are an inevitable consequence of globalisation. Of particular interest is the notion of Muslim women’s concealment which practitioners Zainab Salbi and Hannah Hopkins have challenged, recognising that this could be as much a matter of self-expression as of succumbing to cultural, political and religious pressures. In my work I aim to honour the individual identities behind the ‘screens’ employing digital layering, transparencies and text as visual elements.

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on the soul of the law


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