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Robert Kenny

MA Moving Image and Sound

In the 21st century film and animation is expanding in versatility and diversity with an increased spectrum of techniques and viewing platforms. The tension between the analogue and the digital has served as a catalyst for my practice as the current domination of flawless computer animation has removed the human quality of the art form.

This has been visualised through traditional processes such as direct animation where the tactile nature of drawing has then been extracted and combined with live-action footage. Modern editing programs have allowed me to create new forms without sacrificing the organic visual language that was achieved by the physical act of drawing. The exploration of this process led to the creation of ‘Herdanza’. This short film uses the similarly kinesthetic mediums of dance and music for its narrative and dialogue that aims to express my personal meditations on the cosmological and scientific theories of creation.

The narrative is shaped by the common grounds these theories share whether it is a certain bang, a sacred sound or ‘the word’ that brings everything into being the beauty of creation is always followed by the struggle of existence. The goal of this film is to prompt thoughts of our physical world being in constant motion and to question whether we are just a vibration carrying out through the universe?

Still from 'Herdanza'

– Still from Herdanza

Still from 'Herdanza' 2 1010

– Still from Herdanza

Still from 'Herdanza' 3

– Still from Herdanza


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