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Richard Wade

MA Fine Art

In Wanderlust: A History of Walking (2001), Rebecca Solnit examines place as the tangible landscape of memory. My research has centred upon the process of walking in relation to place. I am interested in the manner in which we project our own experiences onto the places we pass through and inhabit, which over time come to hold memories that inform our identity and help us to form cultural values and attachments. As my project has progressed I have become interested in the effects of technology upon our perception of place and how this interferes with, and becomes a substitute for, memory.

Taking visual references from historical artists including the Norwich School of painters and contemporary practitioners such as Christopher Cook, Gerhard Richter and Dan Hays, I have experimented across a range of mediums including drawing, painting and printmaking. I have subjected my imagery to a number of processes and techniques in order to explore and experiment with themes around memory, place and time. I am interested in the interplay and blurring of boundaries between print and paint, colour (and its absence) as well as the crossover between technological processes and handcrafted imagery as a visual metaphor.

Irregular Fluctuation 1010

– Irregular Fluctuation

Now is Past (after John Clare) 1010

– Now is Past (after John Clare)

Simulacrum 1010

– Simulacrum


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