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Natty Peterkin

MA Communication Design

My research has centred on the philosophy, morality and politics of consumer culture. Using a foundation of situationist theory and Sartre’s existentialism, my work attempts to decipher hidden meanings in everyday life, questioning what we take for granted and seeking new perspectives.

I am interested in exploring the definition of both material and social value. What defines our subjective concept of worth? Is it compatible with our deeper internal desires? Why do we live the way we do, think the way we think? Using methods such as détournement – of which painter Asger Jorn was an early pioneer – my visual work is playful and experimental. I try to strike a balance between theory’s density and play’s openness to make the outcomes enjoyable and accessible, especially due to my potentially overwhelming subject matter.

My visuals are a semi-intuitive, semi-considered process of analysis and response to my theoretical exploration. They do not aim to push absolute conclusions on the viewer, nor do they try to be ambiguous or evasive. They are intended to relate a thought process; encouraging viewers to question subjects they may not have considered before, or to look at them from a new perspective.

open happiness edit 1010

– Open Happiness

the happiest place on earth 1010

– The happiest place on earth

maybe she's born with it edit 2 low q 1010

– Maybe she’s born with it


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