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Naomi Wambugu

MA Fashion

My research is an exploration of how the human body, through movement and the illusion of it, can be used to enlighten garment design. I am primarily interested in how clothes are created for and by the human form. The question of where the body ends and the dress begins, as raised by Cavallaro and Warwick (1998), is one that I am particularly concerned with. The custom of contouring the wearer’s frame through apparel design has been in practice since the 17th century, rendering the body secondary to the garment. My practice explores how the physical silhouette transforms and moulds what we view as dress.

By embracing the body as part of the creative process and composition, I aim to challenge the view of the physical form as a frame for the garment and allow both cut and print to be influenced by my own interpretation of the body in motion. In this way, the garment evolves and moves around the body allowing in essence the body to move around itself in what I call “moving sculpture”. I draw inspiration from conceptual print designer, Mary Katrantzou and other practitioners such as Shinichi Maruyama, particularly his photographic exploration of the human form in motion.

Image THREE - Sketch development 480

– Sketch development

Image ONE - Rotation design develoment 1010

– Rotation design development

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– Fabric printing development


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