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Melissa Pierce Murray

MA Fine Art

Focused on the process of thinking through making, I am questioning where in this process the thinking becomes an object, and what sort of object this is. I have pursued the idea that how we perceive and make sense of our place in the world is as much physically and emotionally felt as it is intellectually constructed, so that what I intend to achieve may well be rather different from what emerges. I work within a tradition of artists responding to the materiality,physicality and experience of the moment, written about, for example, in Rebecca Fortnum’s book On Not Knowing: How Artists Think.

I use contemporary concepts and methodologies of drawing: as a considered, sustained engagement encompassing mark making and a temporal record of an exploration. My works extend the quality of an ink or pencil line to create three-dimensional drawings. From Marcel Duchamp in the 1950’s, through to contemporary choreographer William Forsythe, the disciplines of sculpture and dance have been intertwined.

Constructing a studio assemblage is like a performance: I refine and rehearse elements which I choreograph in improvised arrangements. These works juxtapose strength and fragility, a tension between structure and fluidity, a moment poised between stillness and movement.

melissamurray1 480

– Choreographed Drawing 1

melissamurray2 1010

– Choreographed Drawing 2

melissamurray3 1010

– Choreographed Drawing 3


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