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Maria Malmberg

MA Fine Art

How do space, urban sites, the expectations of human or other living beings in regard to the given environment, come together with their given soundscape, acoustic qualities and architectural specialities? My thoughts, which occur when I plunge into a certain space, are underlined with philosophical ideas about human perception and behaviour. Like theorists Christoph Türcke, Hinnerk Emrich and Han Byung-Chul, I also work with the views and habits of humans in the present-day, alongside a critical consideration of changing perceptions: historical, cognitive, and with a glimpse to the future.

By using sound as a material I try to shift the current atmosphere, peeling out qualities which were not obvious before. What fascinates me about sound is its direct and bodily nature. Through this I try to create an experience which slightly interrupts the everyday, providing a contrast to familiar surroundings and opening this up. It is an offer to take part in a journey of the imagination.

How I play the sound files depends on the site. Sometimes it is enough to use the sound alone, sometimes it needs the connection with other materials. I like the idea of an unclouded reception which avoids hiding itself behind one word: ART.

Maria Malmberg __ sur 1010

– Sur

IMG_1457 1010

– Sketch 11

Maria Malmberg __ in space

– In Space


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