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Lydia Bartlett

MA Textile Design

My research has focussed on the relationship between the body and material and how designing textile pieces for performance can capture a moment when they become integrated. I am interested in capturing a transitory moment when materials transform the physicality and appearance of the body when in movement, abstracting the figure and disguising the wearer’s identity.

In the same moment, the body’s movement can transform inanimate materials into animate, enlivened entities. I am interested in how this concept manifests within folkloric ritual, dance and performance within cultures worldwide in historic and contemporary contexts. My objective is to take the performer and viewer back to prime body movements and primeval cultural practices, balanced with textile innovation.

I am interested in materials that are susceptible to movement through their fluid physicality, such as electrical cables and plastic tubing. Ann Hamilton explored how objects and materials could be taken from installations and attached to the body in her Body Object Series. Similarly, my practice-led investigation has focused on designing material constructions and exploring how, when worn, their dynamic is changed by the movement of the body. Particular influences include textiles created for dance and movement within contemporary performance art, music video and fashion film.

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– Design for performance

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– Materials in movement

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– Design for performance


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