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Karen Guyer

MA Fine Art</p>

I have been exploring visual representations of how a human inner emotion, or condition may feel, with attention to the way such feelings are in constant flux. Focussing on the human figure, employing stance and posture to examine what it feels like to be ʻemotionally supported,ʼ noting the changing balance and level of support given and received at different times, acknowledges that ones subjectivity is constantly changing.

Although the work is informed by personal experience, I have made a conscious decision not to reference this. By focusing on the sensation, rather than the cause, the work can be ʻtransactiveʼ, a term used by J. Bennett meaning it has the ability to speak to others who may recognize the sensation, and relate it to their own set of concerns or circumstances. E. Goffmanʼs ʻThe Presentation of the Self in Everyday Lifeʼ, a sociological discussion on the ability to present different versions of ourselves in order to manage the circumstances we find ourselves in, provided a starting point to my research. This has progressed to include ideas from Affect theory, contemporary dance and literature, and artists, such as D. Salcedo, who aim to elicit the sensation of what something feels like.

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