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Jessica Crowley

MA Fine Art

My practice is concerned primarily with considerations of the fetishisation of the female body in both historical and contemporary contexts, with reference to the fragmentation of the body through surrealism and abstraction. There is a focus on the objectification of the breasts and other body parts as separate and removed from the female body, and their consequent considered value as objects.

The work takes form in, and explores sculptural painting, whilst using subtle hints of pink relating to its stereotypical association with the female, the body and sexuality. It is intended that the work appears as passive, depersonalised and stifled. Whilst actual representation of the female body is avoided, there in an emphasis on the curve in relation to its recognition as the epitome of femininity.

The work has been contextualised through considered research into the fetish, especially Surrealism and the work of Meret Oppenheim. Feminist theory, such as Rose Weitz’s The Politics of Women’s Bodies: Sexuality, Appearance and Behaviour, and The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory by Carol J. Adams have particularly consolidated my thinking around the fragmentation, fetishisation and deconstruction of the female body.


– Exotic/Erotic

2 1010

– Untitled (Diptych)

1 1010

– Snakepit


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