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Janly Jaggard

MA Fine Art

I focus on questions of uncertainty in relation to abstract painting. Whilst my work has an underlying concern with narrative, the materiality of the medium itself is investigated using either paint or vitreous enamel. My intention is to create images whose apparently simple composition is unsettled by their more challenging underlying content. This is partially revealed through an exploration of the factured surface of the support in order to evoke a sense of presence within the mark making.

This practice of testing possibilities through a process of considerable deliberation often raises further questions. My research into artists such as the painter Ian McKeever, and enamellist Gretchen Goss and Helen Elliot, who developed a practice that is about materiality and concept and content, has led me to try to negotiate a path between this position and that of Robert Ryman, whose concern is primarily paint qua paint and how, when fixed to un-primed linen, this can have endless permutations. Through this research, I have come to an understanding that a sense of uncertainty can provide a way to investigate and find form for those things for which we have no language.

Cultivating-Memory 1010

– Cultivating Memory

Beyond 1010

– Beyond

Holding-Back 480

– Holding Back


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