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James Quinn

MA Fine Art

Refusing the Synthesised Screen

My practice concerns itself with a re-evaluation of audience engagement with the viewing screen: that is, the typical rectangular screen that contains the digital image. The overabundance of the viewing screen in our culture has lead to us becoming desensitised to its presence in our spatial and perceptual parameters. This ‘synthesis’ of the screen into these parameters distances audiences from engaging with the structure objectively. Instead viewers consume digital imagery homogeneously, lost in the illusion that the screen creates. The screen similarly facilitates a reorder of age old conventions of private and public space and continues to reshape the way we interact with one another and the space around us.

Focusing on coalescing two separate elements – employing the screen as a sculptural component, as well as presenting digital content to heighten the screen’s objective quality (Bertholt Brecht’s ‘distancing effect’) the practice presents a distorted iteration of that which is familiar or everyday. It is through this confrontational encounter of accepted image and objective screen installation that I attempt to prevent any passive viewership of digital imagery, and instead encourage the audience to question their relationship to the screen structures that deliver them.

sky-waterfall 1010

– Sky Waterfall

horizon slip 1010

– Horizon Slip

wave slip 2 1010

– Wave Slip



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