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Gregory Hayman

MA Fine Art

My current research explores how dishonour, deriving from feelings of disgust, shaped the reputation of a man whose life had been devoted to the study of art history. My subject, Sir Anthony Blunt, was a famous art historian, Keeper of the Queen’s Pictures, and one time Soviet spy. My interest stemmed from direct involvement. In my working life I had to lie publicly about the existence of a memoir Blunt had secretly written before his death. This experience sent me on a journey to seek out the traces left by Blunt, in an attempt to create a portrait and greater understanding of him.

My practice is underpinned by extensive research and I produce a range of ‘epistemic objects’ or ‘research artworks’. In other words, I make artworks to investigate my subject of study, linking this to practical outcomes in a virtuous circle. For this enquiry, I have carried out interviews with Blunt’s former colleagues and students, his biographer, and visited the British Library to consult the autobiographical manuscripts Blunt wrote. I have also investigated curatorial strategies to understand how art moves out of the studio for public consumption and have curated two professional exhibitions to test this developing understanding.

blunt laser cut (2) 1010

– Blunt laser cut

blunt picasso halftone book scan a3 1010

– Blunt Picasso halftone book

Bluntfilm 1010

– Blunt Film


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