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Gergana Ormanova

MA Communication Design

My practice is focused on the physical, the personal and the material as opposed to the digital and the general. I am currently exploring the communication potential of physical correspondence, its role and importance. Inspired by Craig Oldham’s Hand Written Letter Project, which was a call for designers he knew, to put their thoughts on paper and send them in a letter, I decided to provoke a handwritten correspondence myself. One of the replies to Craig Oldham was just the line “Apologies for the slow reply – couldn’t find a pen that worked!”, emphasising the out-dated act of hand-writing. Nevertheless, the book Letters of Note, published in 2014 (a compilation of historical letters) gained great popularity for this very reason.

I sent the same letter to different people, asking them to describe the most meaningful room in their home. I was interested to observe how one would describe something as casual as a room if he was given time to sit alone with only paper and a pen. Consequently, the outcome focuses on the iterative research process, the letters, as pieces of artwork themselves and my own perception as a reader of the person and the space described.

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– Learning from Letters (details)

Learning from letters - Spread 1010

– Learning from Letters (spread)

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– Room1 – Shiko


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