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Gabrielle Smeets

MA Communication Design

My MA project focuses on the topic of Synaesthesia, a neurological condition whereby stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to an involuntary stimulation of a secondary pathway. More specifically, it deals with grapheme-colour Synaesthesia: the relationship between words, numbers, and colours.

My research examines what it means to understand something. How does our neurological makeup alter the way(s) we perceive things? My work documents an alternative understanding of the world, through the eyes of a Synaesthetic person. It demonstrates what it means to understand an idea, an experience or even just a piece of text on a page, through the eyes of someone whose neurological makeup would not necessarily be considered typical.

My research method has taken me into the realms of fine art practice as well as communication design. This has enabled me to take a more holistic position when approaching my own work, making my project technically more informed and interesting to those outside the field of design. The aim of my work is for the viewer to question what they think they already know about perception; that there are alternative, perhaps unexpected, ways of understanding something.

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