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Ed J. Cooper

MA Fine Art

My recent self-directed projects establish, and define, the ‘Artist-Explorer’: artistic practice that focuses on adventure and exploration.

This concept can be rooted historically in the ‘travelling artists’ who accompanied scientists and navigators on lengthy voyages to discover new lands. By ‘discovering new lands’ within my local landscape I am attempting to effectively promote the ‘joys of exploring’ to a local audience. The British ‘walking artists’ Richard Long and Hamish Fulton have influenced lesser-known contemporary artists such as Laurent Tixador, Abraham Poincheval, Heath Bunting and Kayle Brandon. Cataloguing many more contemporary ‘artist-explorers’ into a list will help collate my findings.

My art is located in the outdoor landscape. Therefore part of my research is about identifying the social and environmental considerations when working with various ‘sites’ in or around the city. In Norwich I search for ‘rural pockets’: parkland, heathland, woodland or wilderness. I consider my experience of visiting/surveying these sites a form of ethnographic research. In the studio, I conduct historical research into how the site came to be. My resulting projects bring to light hidden locations that I have ‘discovered’ and ultimately invite viewers to discover them too – to become explorers within the ‘world’ of their neighbourhood, and beyond.

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– Orientation-Clock #2

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– Forest Gallery

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– Whitehall Street


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