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Bayliss Brown

MA Fine Art

My project explores ‘belonging’ from a cultural and personal perspective: I investigate this by strategically focusing on the notions of unity and fragmentation from an individual, collective and world stance. Using historical materials and methods, my artworks are typically figurative and complex, resonating with Grayson Perry’s ceramics, with whom I share a belief that ‘the look of age’ is an important component of ‘beauty’.

The research also concerns how my practice can be reconciled and belong to 21st century painting, yet maintain connectivity to the past. My deep appreciation and understanding of a painting’s anatomy promotes a modus operandi that blurs the boundaries between painting and sculpture. This preoccupation has led me to put historical paintings literally under the microscope to breathe new life into them for a contemporary audience – Reinterpreting the topography of patina and craquelure by transposing their imagery into new media and works. My investigation is not as an historian in search of iconography but as a maker; looking for passages of paint, gesture of line, subtleties of surface that offer possibilities and impetus to the making process. By using this approach I try to give a modern voice to imagery created (but unseen) in the past.

Bayliss Brown

– The weight of blood (detail)

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– Lost

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– Folly


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