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Bancha (Lim) Wongchotiwat

MA Fine Art

My research explores how two different cultures approach and present spiritual issues in the contemporary art world. The concept of ‘consciousness’ is an important part of our individuality, hence I examine the points where eastern and western ideas of consciousness meet. In Western developed countries, although full of facilities from advanced technology, urban life can be stressful. Therefore, many people are pursuing practical solutions that can bring them back to ‘happiness’ including the practice of ‘Mindfulness’, which has been adopted to enhance consciousness and improve the quality of their lives.

In this way ‘Mindfulness’ as a practice that originates in Eastern doctrines, has become popular in the West. Through the practice of ‘Mindfulness’, I try to depict the phenomena of the human condition in the contemporary world. The research investigates artists from East and West, including James Turrell, Bernd Ribbeck, Lee Ufan and Montien Boonma. However, the aim of the artworks is not to educate, but to let viewers experience and appreciate the visual art forms which present ‘Human Consciousness’ in the 21st century.

Phenomenal-Observer(A) 480

– Phenomenal Observer

Phenomenal-Observer(B)-Installation View 480

– Phenomenal Observer Installation

Stream-of-Consciousness-no.22 1010

– Stream of Consciousness no.22


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