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Your Interview

By the time you have your interview we will have seen your work and developed a good understanding of your academic background. To fully grasp your academic and creative potential we will want to speak to you face to face. The interview will be more like a relaxed conversation where we learn all about you. Typically you should be ready to answer questions about the following:

  • The projects in your portfolio (make sure you have your portfolio in front of you)
  • Important personal experiences that have impacted you practice
  • The artists, designers, people and places that inspire you
  • Your expectations for university and living in the UK
  • Why you have applied to NUA
  • Your long term professional ambitions

You should prepare questions for us too. Only by asking questions can you be sure that NUA is right for you and will help you achieve your goals. Don’t forget, this is also our chance to impress you!

We want the interview to be relaxed and enjoyable, so please tell us if you need us to speak more slowly or if you need us to repeat a question. Take time to write things down if you find it helps you answer questions. If the Skype or telephone connection falters don’t be embarrassed. Ask us to repeat what we were saying and we will carry on.

Taking part in your interview

When you submit your portfolio we will arrange an interview to take place between yourself and NUA staff, including lecturers from the relevant course. We will take into account time differences and accommodate disabilities. While we will do our best to work around complicated personal schedules it is important that you make yourself available for the interview at the time we suggest.

Most international applicants will interview via Skype. In preparation please do the following:

  • If you do not have a Skype account you should create one at www.skype.com
  • Send your Skype username to international@nua.ac.uk or the relevant member of the International Office
  • Arrange to use Skype on a computer that has a camera. It is also advisable to use headphones
  • Test the Skype connection to make sure there is adequate bandwidth to support the exchange
  • Try to ensure that you are not disturbed during the interview

After your interview

You should not expect to hear our decision about your application in the interview. Instead we will report our decision to UCAS (for undergraduate applicants) and directly via email for postgraduate applicants.